A checklist for Friendship Day

Posted on August 6, 2016 by Sugee Group

Amidst the lazy monsoon months, comes a day to celebrate one of the great relations. First Sunday of every August has been celebrated as the day of friends, as we all know it, The Friendship Day! But weekends usually go lazy. And with all the social online platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp, it is more convenient to connect through your cellphones.

No wonder virtual world is larger than the real world, yet the experience of the real world is original and amusing. Meeting friends at that chai ka adda or coffee houses can be a few preferred places. Shivaji park being a combination of the sea, chowpatty, food joints and a huge park, makes its way on the top favourite places.

Here are a few things you can do with your friends at Shivaji park.

Take a walk:

Take a walk, not for health purpose this time. If you are one of those enthusiastic persons, you will be dragging your friends for your plan, or it just can be the other way round. Breathe fresh air, with lively surroundings and talk about life, share your college friendship day stories with each other, laugh about how you specially bought a white shirt to be scribbled on with markers, or how you had a special band for that one “special” friend, or the “best friends forever” bands you bought for yourself and your best mate! And while you take a stroll in Shivaji Park, you stroll down your own memory lane. Relive your college days.

Look Around:

Look around and you will find different versions of yourself. Probably a group of friends in their teens, sharing and filling each other’s Slam books on friendship day. Remember how you saved the first few pages of that book specially for your close friend and gave them colorful pens just to decorate yours? Today you would find young college kinds from nearby institutes, taking selfies and uploading it on social media on occasion of this special day. Reminds you of those one or two precious picture copies from that film camera, with your friends, you might have in your album somewhere. And if you start missing your friends who are not around, you know they are just a screen tap away on your phone. Click a picture of that photo and send it to your friends.


Vada paav treats have always been a ritual. You know food always tastes better when your friends pay for it! Probably you still have that one friend in your group whom you can con into treating you with ice cream, chaat or bhutta at Dadar chowpatty! And while you are at there on a rainy day, taking all the free food pleasure with your friends you get the surreal picture of a foggy sea with the silhouette of the Bandra- Worli sea link in the backdrop. Walk a little ahead and you see a well-disciplined queue! If you are new at Shivaji park, it might remind you of your own school days when you used to line up with teacher’s instructions, but if you are familiar, it will remind you of your own struggle to win the bet (with your friends) of getting the garma garam bhaji paav before it is all sold out and finished!


The best thing we can do is to take out our phone from the pocket, get on Whatsapp to get out of it by creating a group and planning to reunite with everyone again, out of the virtual world this time.