A Homely Neighbourhood

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Sugee Group

Home is where the heart is. The four walls make a house and you make it a home. However, the home is not just within the walls but is connected to the neighbourhood. As humans we live in communities, with families & friends. The comfort of our homes is also in the fact that we feel secure in a particular surrounding.

We feel good about our home when we know that our children will get access to the best in class educational and extra-curricular activities; our families reside within other like-minded families, who cherish values and have thrived on the shared cultural ethos.

Home is definitely a lifetime investment. Not just monetary but in terms of emotions and the possibility that we look forward to and call it our future. Dadar, Mumbai is one such neighbourhood where home owners are secured and happy with their homes and are content with the address they own.

Though Dadar is a part of the island city of Mumbai, it is not a part of the original 7 islands. It’s one of the links that united the 7 islands to form the city. Dadar literally in Marathi means a ladder. A ladder which joined islands. And that is how the neighbourhood has been since – bridging the gap between the old and the new. There are other neighbourhoods too, but Dadar is considered equal to, if not better than any neighbourhood across India. Dadar is also the place where the First Citizen of Mumbai has their official residence.

With some of the oldest temples and churches in Mumbai, to being a land of some of the oldest and finest educational institutions in India to being the cradle of India Cricket and being a hub of performing arts and literature, Dadar has been home to some of the greatest institutions and luminaries from different walks of life who in themselves are institutions.

Dadar is an active and vibrant neighbourhood. It’s a place where idols were born and nurtured; it’s a place they call home. Being a juncture for the only flower market and a few wholesale fish markets in Mumbai, it spreads its interests to entertainment and sports like cricket pitches, tennis courts, badminton courts, Olympic class swimming pool and card rooms. Dadar is home to all and sundry.

At the local coffee shops and tea stalls or the fancy upmarket coffee chains, you will find celebrities mingling with common residents. You will find many business deals being closed and students doing their homework. Here friendships last a lifetime which can be witnessed every morning and evening at every corner and at the usual meeting places at Shivaji Park, Five Gardens, or the numerous local gardens and tea stalls.

Every resident of Dadar or a Dadarkar has a story and their versions of associations of their being to the place. One such is of a couple who moved to one of the suburbs in search for a larger place to stay. However, after 2 years, they bought back the same flat at a higher price. The reason – they missed this neighbourhood. They missed the people and the place. The vibrancy and the warmth pulled them back to their roots. There are many such anecdotes and stories strewn across this place which people call home.

Talking about Dadar and its stories is like a flowing river, it is endless. See you next time with more such emotions … called Dadar!