POKÉMON GO into the Real Estate World

Posted on July 29, 2016 by Sugee Group

Safety and convenience go hand in hand, be it in the field of real estate or a fun game of Pokémon Go. Late 90’s animated cartoon Pokémon brings the world of Pokémon to life and allows players to catch elusive Pokémon everywhere. Many real estate agents are using the game to attract potential buyers. Here are some useful safety tips for the same.

Surroundings: Look up and pay attention to the surroundings. While playing Pokemon Go, it is important to be aware of yours as well as others safety. Similarly, while buying or investing in an apartment, it is important to be aware of the surroundings and atmosphere you choose.The house might be cheaper but the area might not be appropriate to live in. Do not choose the surroundings you might not like or regret later.

Security: Avoid places you wouldn’t feel safe going usually. Exploring is good but not always the right option. Go to places you are aware of, because there are chances of unknown places being unsafe. Real estate is a field with a lot of opportunities, but, it is suggested to do a bit of research and understand the real estate market before investing your resources in the right place.Don’t put your dream house on the risk.

Planning: Playing the game is very entertaining, but a lot of planning is required. Pokémon go allows you to purchase products, online. So decide if spending your money is worth it, or how much money can be spent on it. Likewise, buying a home is a fantastic decision, but a lot of financial planning is required. From home loans to investments, it is not just about a onetime purchase. Know what your budget is and coordinate it with other financial needs as well. Decide how much is too much.

Alertness: Watch Out for Scams and Bad Actors On and Offline. You may encounter a lot of fake deals one the game online. Notifications for fake location and surroundings are being used to fool people. Be alert of all the fake property dealers and scammed property with false mentioned areas, locations, amenities and services.

Backup plans: The game consumes a lot of phone battery and mobile data. It is recommended to carry extra batteries and food supply when you are on a Pokémon hunt. House hunting, on the other hand, is also a time consuming process. It is suggested to have a list of projects read, that you want to look at. Keep your options open and choose a project which machetes all your requirements.

Be safe, be convenient!