Rise of Female Home Buyers in India

Posted on March 8, 2016 by Sugee Group

Few years ago, women would wait until they were married before they bought a home. But then, times are a changing and that’s not the case anymore. For many women nowadays, buying a home takes precedence over marriage.

Today, women are educated, have good jobs and excellent career growth. More and more single women home buyers, many of them first-time buyers, are entering the real estate market. Women are actively part of the real industry as well. Women are more active in the decision-making process for real estate investments.

A self-owned home is correctly seen as the first security anchor in India or anywhere in the world.

We look at the top three decision drivers for single women looking to invest in property:

  • Investment – wanting to own a home as part of the larger investment portfolio

  • Independence – needs personal space

  • Status – owning a home is a keystone of wealth

So what factors influence single women while identifying a home? Location, location, location! A grocery store, a good shopping mall, connectivity, secure neighbourhoods, restaurants, movie theatres are key influencers in the identification process.

Here are few things that need to be considered:


Be realistic. Buying a home on your own is a fantastic decision, but stay within your budgets. Make sure it’s a home you can afford. In case, you lose a job, or unknowingly something happens, that should not affect your home loan/ mortgage. Also, nose around for any hidden future costs, like upcoming major repairs, or some dues. Buy a home within your means and don’t overstretch.

Documentation costs:

First time home buyers tend to save a considerable amount for down payment. But keep in mind that property purchase involves several other expenditure commitments such as regular maintenance charges, EMIs, insurance, taxation etc. You should have enough capital to cover all the initial costs and have a plan to provision for the future payments. For down payment, it is always advisable to use self funds instead of a personal loan.

Extensive research for home loan:

Do thorough research for home loans. The home loan market in India is highly competitive, and banks are striving hard to attract customers. This is where you oral herpes transmission can take advantage by inquiring about special interest rates and incentives a bank can offer to a women loan borrowers. If you are married, it is advisable to take a joint loan with your spouse, since it reduces the risk.

Safety and Security:

Even the most empowered woman may feel a little scared when she walks up a dark staircase to an empty house. Remember, as a single home owner you need to investigate your neighbourhood. Visit during various hours of the day and night and ask how safe they feel living there. Don’t judge safety on appearances, try to get crime stats from locals. Examine safety features of the home/ building you are considering.

Buy a house with resale value:

Apart from residing there, it is also an investment for you. So, if something important, like a job transferhappens in future, you should be able to resell the house. Don’t buy the biggest house which has many amenities, as the home you live in today does not means that you will live there forever. When it comes to real estate, the easiest house to resell will be the one that is well constructed, well planned, has the right size, well maintained and in a good neighbourhood.

Reliable Developer:

Every day we come across new stories about buyers who’ve been tricked by unreliable developers. Either the project is illegal, reasonably delayed or the delivered property is different from what was initially communicated and promised. Do not fall into such a trap – do a background check and make sure the developer has a strong reputation in the market before making a decision.

Happy Home buying and Happy International Women’s Day to all the women who make fantastic realtors?

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