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The Rise of Mumbai’s Real Estate

The past few decades have witnessed a meteoric rise in the prominence of Mumbai’s real estate sector. The rising demand increased investment opportunities and appreciation of the value of the properties have put Mumbai on the map in league with top-tier metropolises around the globe. Mumbai’s real estate is gradually developing as an alternative for global investors seeking value investment and home seekers aspiring luxury and comfort. Conscious planning, efficient transport & connectivity, and a high standard of living are strong indicators of the flourishing impact and opportunities for the real estate industry. Today, Mumbai is the designated frontier for a fast-paced yet premium & luxurious lifestyle.

Why own a home in Mumbai?

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, continues to be the most preferred destination for residential properties owing to its bustling economy, cultural intermesh, and social strata. 
This real estate boom can be attributed to the numerous investment possibilities and aspirations of home seekers deriving pride and success by owning their homes in Mumbai. A home in the city also creates a deep sense of security from financial, career, and lifestyle viewpoints. The perks of Mumbai are endless, from a superior urban lifestyle, easy accessibility, convenient infrastructure, food, culture, entertainment to luxurious living, a whole new world awaits

Why own a Sugee Group home?

We are committed to being the most trustworthy and reliable partner in your home-buying journey. At Sugee Group, we practice a philosophy that nurture relationships with care, ensure on-time delivery and build residences that set the bar for luxury. With a 30-year rich legacy of re-defining Mumbai's skyline, our focus is on premium residential buildings, unparalleled sea view homes, and picturesque landscapes for an upgraded lifestyle. We are persistently improving and striving to achieve our delivery promises in order to provide customers with a delightful experience and serene lifestyle.


  • Sales Manager
    Primary Purpose: Execute all the on-ground activities of property sales and make consistent efforts to expand the client base for the organisation. Key Activities (Critical activities of the job) Generate sales through standard sales processes as hereunder- Generate leads through cold calling. Follow up on leads as shared by presales team (leads generated through marketing activities) Work/ follow up on leads shared by Channel partners Be responsible for all customer handling, managing, presentation and queries. Ensure to keep the channel partners activated and closing managers attend the clients as required. Keep a track on the visits made by Channel Partners and their clients and follow up to ensure effective conversion of sales cycle. Responsible for implementing the marketing techniques which will involve suggesting and implementing ways where knowledge of a project can reach the end client. Ensure to follow the assigned script for all interactions. Understand and coordinate client's needs / enhancements, customizations if any. Consult with Sales team lead to provide effective solutions to the client within a turnaround time. Effectively build relationships, making sales presentations and conduct client negotiations. Develop and sustain effective relations with clients and channel partners to ensure repeat / referral services. Maintain sales logs, daily activity logs in the leads management system. Maintain follow-up reports for accurate information capture on a sales cycle. Qualification: PG/ Graduate in any Discipline Prior Experience: 9+ years’ experience as in a sales centric role, real estate preferred
  • Site Engineer
    Key Activities (Critical activities of the job) Managing the assessment of the project and its requirements. Assessing the impact and feasibility of site due diligence, preliminary layout and up to the final engineering design. Preparing architectural drawings and schematic designs based on project requirements. Studying and assessing the drawings, plans, specifications and other documents relating to the project. Determining the budget, project schedules and scope of work and deploying appropriate staff. Directing, leading and supporting other engineering and skilled personnel in managing and executing multiple tasks and projects. Directing onsite construction teams. Collaborating and interacting with construction teams, architects and consultants. Managing the deliverables on time and within the budget. Initiating and ensuring standard civil engineering discipline in drawings and plans. Adhering to the best practices, standards and procedures of the company. Qualification: Diploma/BE – Civil Prior Experience: Minimum 3+ years of experience in similar role
  • Safety Officer
    Key Activities (Critical activities of the job) To diminish or eliminate work-related accidents and promoting safe practices on site. Continuous inspection of project sites, to ensure a hazard-free environment. To establish safety standards and policies as per the requirement. Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment. Verification of tools and equipment for the adequate and safe use. Conducting safety investigation on accident to determine root causes and initiating corrective and preventive actions. Enforcing safety guidelines to promote safety practices at work site. Trains and carries out drills and exercises on how to manage emergency situations. Verifying that all safety reports are submitted to related government authorities. Manages all communications with government departments in regards of safety. Coordinates all issues regarding hazardous materials or waste. Qualification: Degree in safety management or any other relevant certification Prior Experience: 5-6years’ experience in safety
  • Senior Project Manager
    Primary Purpose: To monitor and supervise the project execution process on site to ensure completion of the job within specified time frames, in an organized and cost-effective manner, in accordance with the approved design and quality standards so as to meet customer’s satisfaction and maintain continuity of business. Key Activities (Critical activities of the job) Examine the drawings, assess the material requirements, approve and submit the material requisition accurately so as to facilitate purchase of appropriate quantities of materials. Examine the project program and based on the schedules mentioned, assess the material and manpower requirement for the job.  Prepare and forward the requisition of sub-contractors required for different jobs to the GM/DGM construction for approval. Work closely with Sr. Engineers and site supervisors to get work executed in timely manner.  Monitor progress against the project plan and keep the GM/DGM construction apprised on the progress to ensure that a quick corrective action can be taken where required. Conduct quality checks on works carried out to ensure that the project meets all specifications.  Coordinate with the municipality agencies during spot checks on the site and ensure adherence to Quality, Health and Safety regulations on all assigned sites. Supervise the site regularly; attend to all technical and engineering problems, additional manpower requirements, drawing changes, etc. in an effective and timely manner thereby achieving project requirements and quality standards. Be an active participant in finalisation of contractors and worker staff.  Ensure that timely delivery and of the required construction material takes place regularly at the site.  Maintain cost estimates of highlight snags or estimated spill overs if any.  Work towards getting the required budget approvals from GM/DGM Construction.  Regularly closing ongoing snags at the project level keeping the GM/DGM Construction duly informed via a compilation and closure snag list. Key Relationships: Internal: Reporting to the GM/DGMConstruction Qualification: Degree/Diploma in Civil Engineering or Construction Management Prior Experience: Minimum 16 - 22 years of extensive experience in the management of construction projects


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