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Benefits of buying a home that is still in an under-construction stage

Posted on June 1, 2022 by Sugee Group

Underconstruction Building Site

Buying a house is a huge milestone in a person’s life and requires a lot of technical know-how along with mental and physical strength. The pandemic has also asserted the importance of owning a home amongst many. Privacy and luxury are dominant features on the priority amongst location, neighbourhood, connectivity and social amenities while buying a home. Since home buyers have options of investing & buying in an under-construction property or a ready to move in flat, it is significant to recognize which one is more beneficial.

Most face a dilemma when investing their hard-earned money, whether under construction is more viable than completed or it’s the other way round. For starters, this confusion can be solved simply by measuring the essential factors of your purchase of luxury apartments in Mumbai.

1. Finance

When there is an owner or any pending dues involved in a property, the risks involving finance may exist even more in the resale market or completed projects. There are also multiple legalities while transferring property from an owner to a buyer that might be beyond one’s basic understanding and would only be solved through a lawyer.

Whereas in an under-construction project, you get an option of planning your finances with a flexible payment schedule offered by the developers which is not possible in a ready to move in. There is more transparency with single ownership and the process is less tedious compared to a ready to move in while buying luxury flats in Mumbai.

2. Choice

The choices of under-construction properties are more than RTMI. By the time the project is completed, a lot of their most preferred flats are sold out in which case you might have to compromise on your new home. Whereas there are plenty of choices available in Mumbai for under-construction properties. You can choose as per your priority of location, price, possession timeline, building floor, view from your homes, etc.

3. Investment benefits

Most of the upcoming luxury residential projects in Mumbai by top builders are in and around areas such as Dadar west. These locations complement the lifestyle and culture for your family. Therefore, these houses have a higher potential for price appreciation. Thus, the under-construction properties are the best to fulfil your expectation of a perfect home.

4. Infrastructure

Under construction projects are using innovation and updated technology from the industry to provide the best construction quality which is missing in an already constructed project. The amenity and feature options in the homes are modern and updated in an under-construction project. Under Construction projects take a couple of years to complete and hence they are planned for the future.

5. Builder Reputation

Before investing your money in any under-construction project, you should do some reference checks and get information about the previous projects done by the developer. You are in safe hands by choosing projects constructed by renowned builders in Mumbai such as the Sugee Group. All projects completed by the group have strictly followed the timelines and maintained a flawless reputation of construction. Such revered real estate builders in Mumbai offer luxurious facilities that have always been beneficial for the buyers of under-construction properties.

It is most important to consider each of these factors before investing your hard-earned money into any property and buying your dream home.



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