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Your Guide to Purchasing a Home in Mumbai

Updated: Mar 28

Posted on 6 December, 2023 by Sugee Group

Home Buying Guide by Sugee
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Home to some of India’s and the world’s most prestigious and expensive homes, Mumbai’s real estate market is diverse and exciting. Post- pandemic, the city’s real estate market is witnessing trends such as demand for larger configurations, growth of the luxury market and increasing popularity of digital platforms for property transactions.

Millions dream of owning a home in the Maximum City but don’t know how and where to begin the journey. While the basic factors to consider while purchasing a home remain the same for any city, Mumbai’s real estate landscape comes with some unique challenges and opportunities.

To help you traverse this scenario, here is a guide to purchasing a home in Mumbai and the factors you should bear in mind during your home buying journey.

Reasons to Buy a Home

Firstly, you must decide the primary reason behind purchasing a home. To know whether the purchase is to accommodate your growing family or fulfill your aspirations for a better lifestyle will help you land a good deal and the right configuration and amenities. It’s equally important to separate your needs from your wants before shortlisting a property. This will help you zero in on the property type, its location and the amenities that come along with it.

A well- thought- out budget is the foundation for any home purchase. Even before you start scouting for a home, filter out options that are outside your budget. Prudence at the beginning of your journey will help you manage your finances even after you have made your purchase. Also, remember to account for furnishing, painting, installing fixtures and other miscellaneous expenses that can add up to a tidy amount.


In any major city, location is a prime consideration while purchasing a home. Choosing the right location is vital as it becomes a reference point for other decisions involved in buying a home including budgets, amenities, configuration and neighbourhood. You must also consider the following factors that indicate the quality of life:

  • Infrastructure development

  • Availability of public transport

  • Safety & security

  • Water & electricity supply

  • Quality healthcare facilities

  • Employment opportunities

  • Educational options

Just as important is to evaluate the real estate outlook and prospects of the location and the following factors can help you determine that:

  • Price trends

  • Top projects

  • Scope for appreciation

  • Favourable policies and tax concessions

  • Development plans for the region

Choosing a Developer

Home Buying Guide by Sugee
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Mumbai’s real estate market encompasses developers of all sizes and categories. There are national as well as local players known as branded developers that have a strong presence. They have built a strong value over the years which makes their projects sought-after in the city.

Choosing the right developer is the most crucial step in your home buying journey as this decision alone can ensure a clear title and timely delivery. Apart from this, the future maintenance of your home and quality of your life also largely depends on selecting a good developer with a peerless reputation, steady track record and good market standing.

Don’t forget to check stable financial background and track record of the developer especially in case of under construction properties to be sure of the timely delivery of the project along with some other factors such as,

  • Market reputation and track record

  • Financial standing

  • Past delivery timelines

  • Number of ongoing projects

  • Approvals and licenses

  • Construction quality of projects delivered

  • Services after delivery

Construction Quality

Home Buying Guide by Sugee
Image used for representation purpose only

The highest standards of construction and good finish should be non-negotiable factors while choosing your home. You must seek a developer with a track record of building strong and sturdy homes with the best materials and construction techniques. Let’s look at some important factors to consider to ensure good construction quality:

Structural stability: Make sure to check that the developer has used a high grade high-performance concrete mix to improve the structure’s integrity. Reputed developers also fortify the steel used in construction with special chemical treatments. External features such as damp-proof external coating provide resistance to humidity and water exposure. Buyers can ask the developer for a copy of the structural stability certificate that is issued by the structural engineer, to be sure that the structure is designed and built as per the load estimated.

Contemporary construction techniques: Check for the construction techniques and innovations implemented by the developer to build the project. Contemporary techniques such as the use of aluminum formwork systems, tower cranes and Archi concrete result in aesthetically pleasing structures that are also stable.

Renowned construction associates: High construction quality is achieved by collaborating with the best professionals that include top architects, planners, engineers and project management consultants. While shortlisting your options, ensure to check the reputation and track record of the construction associates as well.

Superior Specifications: Buyers should ensure that the structure offered by the developer is complemented with high-end specifications including tiles, CP fittings, floor fittings, doors and system windows. Ensure that all critical safety standards laid down by authorities have been met and the fixtures and fittings are the same as promised the time of booking the house.

Buying during the festive season

The festive season is a time of celebration, happiness and auspicious beginnings. The positive atmosphere is reflected in the real estate market that is most active during these festivities. These are the days marked most auspicious and divine to make high-value purchases.

Several prospective home buyers prefer to seal the deal between the months of September and March as the time presents a host of auspicious days and lucrative offers. New projects are also launched during the festive season. Financial institutions and real estate agents are also keen on closing more deals and offer pre- approved home loans, reduced interest rates and discounts.

Elevate your Lifestyle with Redevelopment Buildings

Home buyers who are keen on these established locations and also seek an elevated lifestyle find good options with redevelopment projects. Read our recent blog to know more about redevelopment of residential buildings in Mumbai and the unique opportunities they offer:

An eye on the future

A home purchase is a major milestone. While it provides you shelter and security, it is also a major financial commitment. The investment continues with the maintenance and upkeep of the home. With reputed developers, comes an assurance of timely delivery, quality, compliance and maintenance.

At the Sugee Group, our long-term vision and values are focused on delivering your dream home through the ‘3 Golden Promises’- always deliver on time, no compromise to achieve the highest construction quality, strict compliance to approval processes, laws & regulations.




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