Key residential real estate hotspots in Mumbai

April 2021 /

Mumbai, also known as ‘The City of Dreams has always been one of the most popular cities to live and settle in. Being the financial capital of India, it has been attracting migrants from all over the country as well as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who purchase residential units for end-use.

Despite being one of the most expensive real estate destinations, Mumbai still remains a favourable realty market, largely considering that it is the financial hub of the country. Additionally, the Government has also been providing incentives such as stamp duty cut, reduction in premiums, and boost in affordable homes that have attracted a lot of home buyers and fence-sitters and given them an opportunity to purchase their dream home in a city like Mumbai.

Keeping in mind the potential of Mumbai’s already growing and thriving real estate market, the following are some of the key resilient residential hotspots across the city:

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